W9CA Field Day 2007

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K9IJ1667 APRS Demo Screen K9IJ1670 Portable Digital Station K9IJ1671 The GOTA Position K9IJ1674 VHF Station working    K9IJ1678 Gotta protect that coax. The two military towers and the 80M Vert K9IJ1679 Support for the #2 40M antenna and #2 Tri-Band K9IJ1680 There they are K9IJ1681 K9IJ1682 Extended K9IJ1683 Another angle K9IJ1684 40M #1 and Triband #1 K9IJ1685 $0M #1 and the 80M Vertical KB9VRW0115 Backside of the VHF position KB9VRW0116 Cornell giving pointers to the GOTA operators KB9VRW0118 Long shot of the 40M and Triband #2 antennas KB9VRW0119 And the two Mil Towers KB9VRW0120 KB9VRW0121 GOTA KB9VRW0122 KB9VRW0123 KB9VRW0124 KB9VRW0125 See the guy anchor on the left?
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