W9CA Field Day 2007

Additional KB9I Field Day Photos

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 K9IJ1640 K9JK at the VHF Position K9IJ1641 Another Shot of the VHF Desk K9IJ1643 VHF Antennas on Temporary Tower K9IJ1644 GOTA Antenna, notice the guy anchors K9IJ1645 40M Antenna #1 on the Portable Military Tower K9IJ1646 Getting military tower #2 ready to go up K9IJ1647 40M Antenna # 2 ready to go up   K9IJ1650 Taking a rest K9IJ1651 Must be after the antennas are up K9IJ1652 Long shot of the VHF/GOTA station location K9IJ1653 Another shot of the VHF Tower K9IJ1654 Getting ready to raise the Tri-Bander K9IJ1655 It's almost put together K9IJ1656 To the tower!!! K9IJ1657 Bolt it down K9IJ1658 Looking good K9IJ1659 Going UP K9IJ1660 Food service K9IJ1661 Digital Demo mode station K9IJ1662 Packet Screen K9IJ1663 Wauconda Trustee visiting K9IJ1664 Wauconda Mayor (Salvatore J. Saccomanno) on left visited Sunday Morning and was given the tour by WA9EQP Wally.
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