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cqfd-w9ca CQ Field Day photo from our SSTV demo. N9RJX-FD-2006-005s This what what N9RJX, Anson, saw Saturday Morning
N9RJX-FD-2006-006s Another aerial view N9RJX-FD-2006-008s Wish we could have gotten the VHF antennas up there K9IJ488s 40 Meter antenna Number 1 K9IJ489s Multi Band antenna for 10-15-20 K9IJ490s Another pic of 40M antenna # 1 K9IJ491s 10-15-20 again
K9IJ492s Putting together 40M antenna number 2
K9IJ493s Now just how does this go together? K9IJ494s Strategy Session K9IJ487s Setup Dinner ready to cook. K9IJ486s Working on dinner. DinnerServed Dinner is served. K9IJ495s The Setup Crew Friday Night K9IJ496s More Friday night fun K9IJ497s Lots of dinner pictures. It was incredible K9IJ500s The VHF tower going up. K9IJ501s You can't tell, but that's KB9I on the VHF tower. K9IJ503s A visit from Big Red K9IJ507s N9UM Working VHF K9IJ502s Renewable Power Source K9IJ506s APRS Demo K9IJ509s HF Station Power  K9IJ511s GOTA Antennas Coming Down K9IJ512s GOTA Still coming down KB9INF0084 We're going to put the first tower right here.
KB9INF0085 Dinner table KB9INF0086 Military Tower 2
KB9INF0087 We're going to put Number 2 here.
KB9INF0089 Ken KB9I setting the top of Tower 2
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