Jerry, N9AVY, and myself, KB9I, took some photos.
Jim, KB9KOZ, also sent some in, so there are even more now at the bottom.

Please no more pictures, my hands are tired, Ken, KB9I.

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We have to start somewhere, so we used this custom tripod that Cornel, KK9DX, made to support one of the beams.
The snorkel truck gets in position to raise the tower.
The tower is rope guyed while the snorkel truck holds it in place.
Hmmm, guess this is just a larger photo of the tower truck positioning the tower for rope guys.
1st tower up per the snorkel truck from Bucom, Inc.
Carrying the 1st antenna to the snorkel truck.
Ray, WA9YYY, says, OK, I have my guy anchor in, what's holding the rest of you guys up?
After mounting the rest of the tower to Cornel's base tripod he decides to put some bolts in the legs!
Hey, I need some more rope, says, Bob, KS9W, while Harry, K9AOH, has his rope already.
I'll catch you when you get dizzy, says, KB9I.
Bruce, KB9INF, salutes while Jerry snaps another photo.
Jim, KB9KOZ, says, Hey, anyone wanna go for a ride?

Just make sure you didn't eat any cotton candy first!

Let's hope I cut the connector off the BAD coax!
OK, guys straighten the tower out, or have Jerry hold the camera straight!
The snorkel truck holding the VHF & UHF antennas.
The GOTA tower to the right of the Snorkel truck.
The generators with one of the 2A towers to the rear. Further back is the Snorkel truck in the other parking lot.
Dan, WB9FBO, rides his Harley for a visit.
Bill, N9BR, and Cornel, KK9DX, stop for some refreshements.
Bob, KB9ZBZ on UHF and VHF.
Who's inside this garage? Look below.
WA9YYY, and N9BX pounding out the code.
Here are two of our master CW ops from the rear.
Wally, KC9DNF, manning the steam tables. Such incredible food he served.
Lori and Anthony setting up the picnic for all of us.
Scott, KB9VRW, and Don, K9DEB on the VHF, UHF station.
Jim, KB9KOZ, out of the Snorkel Truck
Here's Jon, KI9DX, at the picnic with friends.
A bottom of view of the Snorkel truck with the VHF & UHF antenna.
The bottom of the snorkel truck.
If you look closely you can see the VHF & UHF station inside the garage door.
An overall view of the trailers and the food tent between them.
Here's a shot of the GOTA tower to the right of the Snorkel setup.
Scott, KB9VRW, in the foreground, Anthony (what's his call?) in the middle with Bob, KB9ZBZ flanking the rear.
Look, someone locked them inside!
(The rear view of the VHF-UHF station)
You can smell the eggs cooking.
Here's Wally and Bob at work.
Scott, KB9VRW, is looking for the eggs that Bob, KB9ZBZ, just cooked.
Just a few of the ops eating!
One more shot of some of the crew.