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  CorTek Radio Association was founded in 2003 by a group of local amateur radio operators interested in DX ing and contesting. The original club callsign KC9DET was replaced with W9CA vanity call.

Primarily, the club participates in ARRL Field Day, setting record after record every year but also takes part in other contests, helping new operators get on the air. W9CA’s club station is open to all members and friends.

Club station includes two FT1000Ds, one FT1000MP, an Ameritron AL1200 with a Heathkit SB220 backup, a single band 6m (modified SB220) amplifier with an Icom IC-746 exciter.

Antennas: 2 Bencher Skyhawk tribanders, a Hygain TH6, two Cushcraft 2el 40m beams, a Cushcraft D3W WARC dipole, homebrew slopers for 80 and 160, two homebrew 5el 6m beams (designed by N9CO) on 16’ boom, couple homebrew 40m verticals and a homebrew 44’ center loaded 80m vertical.

Towers include a 40’ rooftop for the club permanent antennas, two 50’ military crankup and few 40’ towers used for FD effort.

The club members elmer new operators to achieve good operating skills and be active in amateur radio.